His Facebook bio simply reads “that tall guy who writes songs” – oh, but Cameron Little and his music are so much more.

I meet with Cameron Little at his parents’ home in Orient Point where he’s been staying due to a housing reshuffle where he was living in Wollongong. Now he’s back to the quietness of the South Coast where he grew up and first found his passion for music.

This is where Cameron started playing guitar at age 11, quickly becoming obsessed.

“I haven’t really thought about doing anything else since. I just became obsessed with playing guitar and writing songs.” Cameron tells me, then laughs, “you should see the songs I wrote when I was 11, they’re so, so bad.”

While the other local kids were surfing, Cameron focused on music and song writing, playing gigs since he was a teenager, touring with the likes of Daryl Braithwaite, Richard Clapton and The Black Sorrows.

Cameron’s deep voice and a passion for equally deep, sorrow-filled lyrics have produced plenty of ballads. However, there are Pink Floyd influences too and plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his talented guitar playing in loud, light flashing Indy rock glory.

“My writing is how I look at the world, things I’ve gone though. I write about them out of, I suppose, necessity. There’s kind of a sad nature to them I’ve realised. I’m not really a sad person though.”

He released an album, Axiom, when he was 21. A bit of a breakup album, he produced it by himself at home, learning a lot in the process.

For the past few years his solo work has been on hold after joining The Vanns, touring and collaborating with his good friend Jim Vann. Together they have been writing songs and recording an album, due to be launched in August. This album is again a bit of a breakup rock album, classic, upbeat, not too dark – loud guitars, big drums, able to be interpreted on many levels.

Time back home has allowed Cameron to get back to his own work, song writing in his Indy, bluesy, rock kind of way. The peacefulness of this sleepy coastal town is ideally suited to the task. Isolation, timelessness, the lack of interruptions.

Soon it will be back to touring to promote the new album, although the song writing never stops. Already he and Jim are working on the next Vanns album, and he is currently looking for a producer for a solo EP. “I’m always writing songs,” says Cameron “I don’t do anything else well, so I better keep putting my music out.”