Tucked away in Gerringong there is a wonderful studio where the fragrant aromas of timber embrace your senses as you walk through the door.

The space belongs to Leon Sadubin – designer, furniture maker and sculptor. At first glance, the term master craftsman quickly comes to mind. Leon has been working with wood for almost 40 years and it shows in the level of detail and the superb craftsmanship in his finished works. Unsurprisingly, the National Gallery of Australia has acquired his Wing writing table and chair for their permanent collection.

Leon’s career credentials are extremely impressive including his role as the timber consultant for the new Parliament House; he produced 93 benches for the public and parliamentary spaces. His design drawings of the project as well as a prototype, sample bench and 1:10 model have all been acquired by the Powerhouse Museum. More recently, Leon curated the Kauri project exhibition for the Royal Botanical Gardens.

While he has had a number of major furniture commissions over the years, Leon particularly enjoys the process of working with private clients and coming up with designs for their personal requirements.

Leon’s passion for his craft is contagious. It’s wonderful to hear him speak with so much enthusiasm about an upcoming exhibition showcasing a series of sculptural coffee tables that are part of his stunning From the Tidal Zone collection. They reflect his fascination with the inter tidal zone – that space between high and low tides, a time when he enjoys looking into rock pools and watching the formation of the sand. The tables are crafted from white cedar and the highly grained textures of the wood reflect patterns created on the shoreline by the receding water, while the legs are reminiscent of the sea grasses and the gentle sway of the stems.

Although he is busy fulfilling both public and private commissions, Leon always finds the time to teach his craft to upcoming generations. Not only does he regularly teach at The Sturt Wood School in Mittagong, but he also regularly mentors students in his workshop. This is important, explains Leon, not only for them, but also for him too as their youth brings a natural energy and level of enthusiasm to his work, which he finds uplifting.

For details on upcoming exhibitions contact:

Leon Sadubin

Ph: 0423 475129


Unit 7/11 Bergin St

Gerringong NSW 2534