Children Holiday Activities

Picture this: a fallen log, textured tree bark, sandstone boulders, a trickling creek, sand dunes and grassed open spaces. Sound like an adventure playground? For children attending Outdoor Connections holiday activities, it is exactly that.

Outdoor Connections provides nature play for five to 14-year-olds. Sessions are currently held in Bonaira Reserve Kiama and Seven Mile Beach National Park, with new locations always being sought. Common activities include nature crafts, shelter building, scavenger hunt walks, sand sculpting, games and nature play.

Increasing evidence shows that children need outdoor play, as it supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement. Nature play activities are open-ended and driven by natural elements. When it rains, the focus is on glorious mud and when it’s windy, flying a kite is the natural option. The children direct their investigations in raw, yet supported environments. They learn a range of activities they can complete in the outdoors with their families.

Established in 2017, Outdoor Connections brings together Amanda Lloyd and Penny Sadubin, South Coast women passionate about the value of outdoor childhoods.

Dr Amanda Lloyd is a primary school teacher with 17 years’ experience in the classroom and in leadership roles. Amanda’s PhD topic researched the advantages of outdoor learning for primary school students. Her passion is holistically developing the skills of children to become active citizens in the world. She is also an educational consultant, delivering professional development to teachers, where she promotes the use of the outdoors as a site of curriculum learning.

Penny is an artist, landscape designer and educator. Her skills evolved from a university fine art degree, she has also studied garden design. The experience of becoming a mother sparked Penny’s interest in how children learn and experience the world around them. It prompted further study as a Forest School practitioner, which allowed her to branch out into sharing the love of the outdoor world with her children in creative outdoor sessions.

Amanda and Penny combine their skills to offer enriching, holiday experiences for children. They believe the South Coast parks should be experienced by all and attending Outdoor Connections holiday programs is one way to do this.

Outdoor Connections will soon be posting its next round of dates on its website and Facebook page. Head to for more details.