Pip de Pulford, owner of Hyper Hyper Coffee, began roasting and selling coffee beans fifteen years ago from the corner of a nuts and bolts shop.

He inherited a traditional Italian blend from his brother-in-law, who learnt the method in London in 1968. As business increased, Pip asked his friend Chris Anderson how to keep things thriving. “Chris said: “You count the number of people that you made happy at the end of the day, and then you count the till.” That little quote set the business in motion,” Pip recalls. Since then, Pip strives to make customers happy. He now roasts beans at the back of his funky shop shed at 85 North Street, Nowra, in a 1959 Probat roasting line. “They’re like the holy grail of roasting for small artisan roasters,” says Pip. Customers flock there to purchase steaming coffee served in colourful picture-clad take away cups, sample delicious home-made biscuits and slices and relax on hessian-covered milk crates or boulders near the footpath. Pip says: “We only do a traditional 1950s high-roast espresso. We don’t do award winning modern. We try not to do the popular stuff.” Despite this intention, Pip’s coffee is amongst the most popular brews in the region.